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New Bassist Jon Turns Out To Be Piano Virtuoso

First off, a belated welcome to the band for our new bassist Jon Woodburn! Although he has been with us over a month and played our most recent gig, we forgot to announce it here, woops!

Anyway, back to the main story. We were all gathered at Muther's Studio in Birmingham getting ready for a usual practice, the standard loud and beautiful Rock'n'Roll. We entered the practice room and noticed a keyboard propped up in the corner. Jon casually mentioned he could play it. We were intrigued! Using some good old fashioned peer pressure we managed to persuade Jon to give it a quick play. He then proceeded to play the most mind-blowing, awe-inspiring and powerful version of 'Space Dementia' by Muse any of us had ever heard! We were starstruck, mystified as to how this had been kept a secret for so long. A good half hour of piano based jamming ensued. After which we were certain that Jon HAD to play some piano live at our next gigs.

So if you happen to come down to one of our next gigs then get ready for some moving piano interludes that will surely leave you in a state of ecstasy.

- Matt G

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