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Well howdily doodily anybody that has just happened onto the Bear Witness blog!! It's been a while, we forgot to update the website for about 9 months (woops!) hahah. Since the last post our 2nd EP 'DAWN' came out, a collection of songs we're both proud of to this day; following that we had the whole COVID pandemic, crazzzzy times! We hope everyone's been okay and managed to stay safe, the world is a weird place right now. Anyway, we got pretty busy during lockdown and made a new single for everyone! It's called 'laugh out loud (LOL)' and we're really excited about it, it signals an exciting new direction for us - utilizing a lot of production and writing elements from outside of rock. We also shot the whole video around our house during the lockdown, so it got pretty silly and leant heavily on the cuteness of our dog hahah, we think it's come out pretty well though! We hope you like it and you can check it out below <3


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